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Timesheet vs roster

This guide will run through all the functionality of the timesheet vs roster page.


Menu > Payroll > Timesheet


This page is designed so the timesheet can be quickly compared to the roster and amendments quickly made.

The data is listed employee by employee.

The page does this by overlapping the roster and the timesheet.

Making differences easily identified.

Basic Example

Roster vs timesheet overlay


  • Roster is displayed in green
  • Timesheet is displayed in red
  • Overlap of both roster and timesheet is displayed in gray


Roster vs timesheet legend

Another way to look at the legend is red will cost the business more and green will cost the business less, if wages are calculated from timesheet data.

Identifying discrepancies

The roster is rarely going to match the timesheet perfectly.

Every business will find different trends from the information on this page.

Perfectly clocked hours

Perfectly Clocked Hours

The above illustration is an example of an employee who has clocked his work hours exactly the same as his roster.

Under all circumstances this is what you should be aiming for from every employee and from realistic planing.

Clocking on late

Locking on late displayed on timesheet

The above example is of an employee who clocked on late every morning.

You can use this information to identify possible issues.

Working back late

Working back late displayed on timesheet

The employee in the above example worked back late on one of their shifts.

Missed shift

Employees will miss shifts and other employees will fill in for them.

Missed shift

Missing a shift and working a shift that was not rostered

The above example illustrates that Jason Bourne missed his shift on the 2nd (Green roster).

He may have forgotten to clock his hours.

If this was the case we could click the Create button and add his shift.

However, in this case, he called in sick and James Smith filled in for him.

We can easily spot the shift that James worked that he was not rostered on for (Red shift entry).

Reason behind discrepancies

There are many reasons why the hours clocked don't match the hours rostered.


  • Employee had to work back late
  • Allocated roster is not enough time to complete all work
  • Employee had to cover another employees shift
  • Employee was running late to work
  • Employee forgot to clock on/off
  • Employee had a sick day and shift was not clocked at all
  • Many more

Editing and validation

The process for editing shifts and validation of shift amendments is the same as the timesheet page.

Review the timesheet guide for more information.