The Timesheet Process

This guide will explain the process that goes into generating timesheet data and where the data goes from there, please review all guides under the timesheet section for a more detailed explanation.

Data flow model




from roster

vs roster

Creating dataEdit dataPayroll

The data flows through the model from left to right.

1 - Timesheet data must be created

  • Employees clocking their hours worked
  • Generated from the roster

There are many ways for your employees to clock their worked hours, visit the Clocking Hours guide to consider your options.

2 - Edit the Timesheet vs Roster 

The timesheet vs roster page let you compare the employees roster to their timesheet data, review the timesheet vs roster guide for more details.

3 - Payroll from timesheet

A pay run can be done straight from the employees timesheet data.

This includes calculating overtime, awards, deductions, expenses, super, salary sacrifices, extra earning, employees on salary, etc.

This is the most complicated step in the Microkeeper system, we highly recommend revising all areas of the payroll guides.

This is a brief explanation of the timesheet process, we recommend reviewing all pages under the timesheet guide for a better understanding of this process.