Xero Integration

Payroll data generated by Microkeeper can be sent directly to the Xero accounting suite. 

Table of Contents

Activate Connection

Xero Configuration

Weekly Process

Additional Notes

Data Flow Diagram

Microkeeper xero integration diagram

Activate Connection

This feature must first be activated on the Global Settings page.

Navigate to > Settings > General > Global

Under System Settings select the Xero option from the drop down menu then select Connect to Xero

Image of selecting Xero for Integrating Accounting Suite.

Login to Xero with your credentials to authorise the Microkeeper connection.

Image of logging into Xero to allow Microkeeper connection

The connection to Xero will remain permanently connected.


Menu > Reports -  Select desired period - Payroll invoice Xero > HTML


Reports selection area

Xero Configuration

Microkeeper will need to retrieve the Accounts from Xero.

On first time integration, you will need to configure which figures you want to send to which Accounts.

This is done by:

1. Selecting Setup Xero

2. Get Accounts from Xero. Microkeeper will need to retrieve the Accounts from Xero.

3. Get Tracking Categories from Xero (If Required)

4. Select Account for each Cost to Business using drop down box.

6. Select Tracking Codes (If required)

Set-Up Xero Accounts

Save Xero Settings.

Xero save button

The above configuration will work for many scenarios.

Weekly Process

On a weekly basis, it's required to send the payable bill to Xero.

Send the Payrun data to Xero.

Send Data to Xero

The invoice will appear as an Invoice in the Xero system under > Business > Bills to Pay > Awaiting Payment

Microkeeper invoice for payroll in Xero



Assuming wages were paid with the ABA file, a day to two later Xero will automatically find the payment in the business bank account.

The amount Xero pulls from the bank and the net invoice sent from Microkeeper should match and automatically reconcile.


If the incorrect data is sent to Xero, simply send the data again, the new data will replace the old data.

Do not Void the invoice in Xero, then it can not be updated.

If you do void the invoice, you will need to make a copy of that invoice in Xero. 

Additional Notes

We recommend using your bookkeeper, accountant or contacting Microkeeper support to help with the initial configuration.

Once setup, this process can be done in a couple of minutes.

Please Note: All names for values MUST be different.
If a new name for a value appears, this will have to be added to the appropriate account, this is likely to occur with following weeks.

Let us know how you go

If you would like to leave a review about the Microkeeper - Xero integration please do so at the Xero Business Community page.