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Guide - employee rate award payment rules

Rate rules

Rate Rules are designed to automatically determine an employees base rate of pay. 



 > Settings > Payroll Rules > Rate Rules

Why create Rate rules? 

In most Awards each age group is entitled to a different pay rate. 

Once applied to individual employees the rule will automatically apply the correct rate based on the employees age or job.

An employee over 20 is entitled to $20.50 per hr.
When the employee turns 21, their pay rate will go up to $21.50.
As soon as the employee has their birthday, the correct pay rate will automatically be applied. 

Creating a Rate rule

For example, we are creating a rule for Retail Award Level 1.

Image title

We then need to add a clause.

In this example employees over 21 are entitled to $21.50 per hour.

Image title

Each age group is entitled to a different pay rate so we add a different clause for each age bracket.

Image title

Assigning Rate rules to employees


 > Settings > Employee - Edit

Image title