Rate Rules

Rate Rules automatically determine an employees basic pay rate, based on their age or duration of employment.



 > Settings > Payroll Rules > Rate Rules

Why create Rate Rules? 

In most Awards each age group is entitled to a different pay rate. 

Once applied to individual employees the rule will automatically apply the correct rate based on the employees age or job.

An employee over 20 years old is entitled to $20.50 per hr.
When the employee turns 21, their pay rate will go up to $21.50.
As soon as the employee has their birthday, the correct pay rate will automatically be applied. 

Creating a Rate Rule

For example, we are creating a rule for Retail Award Level 1.

Create rate rule

We then need to add a clause.

In this example employees over 21 are entitled to $21.50 per hour.

Create Clause for Rate Rule

Each age group is entitled to a different pay rate so we add a different clause for each age bracket.

Rate Rule Example for Jr Level 1

Assigning Rate Rules to employees


 > Settings > Employee - Edit

Assign rate rule to employee

 Please note, any changes to shift / Rate rules must be confirmed by the delegated Payroll Officer.