Introduction - Welcome to Microkeeper

Welcome to Microkeeper! Our guides are here to introduce and educate you, setting you up for a successful new Microkeeper experience.

This opening page provides a roadmap through all the key areas of the system. Have fun exploring!

What is Microkeeper?

Microkeeper is a comprehensive end to end employee management and payroll system designed to streamline, simplify and empower Australian businesses.

Within Microkeeper, there is 4 core modules:

  1. Core HR
  2. Rosters
  3. Timesheets
  4. Payroll

This guide will provide you with an overview of the main modules in Microkeeper and their functionalities, helping you to navigate the system and make the most of your new journey!

[image of the modules relationships]

Core HR

The Core HR module is the foundation of your workforce management, allowing you to:


The Roster module enhances the scheduling and management of your employees planned work hours with features that can:


The Timesheet module simplifies time and attendance tracking of worked hours with:


The Payroll Module simplifies the complex process of payroll management, enabling:

Getting Started with Microkeeper

It's best to work through the guides with your own account. You can register for a free account through our Sign Up page here. 

Once you have signed up, login and let us get your business started with Microkeeper. 

As you navigate through Microkeeper you will notice our info dots. Mouse over them for additional information throughout the Microkeeper system.

i The black info dot is used to provide you with additional information throughout the Microkeeper System

Supported Setup Process with Microkeeper Specialists


If following guides and self onboarding your business account isn't your thing, our team at Microkeeper offer a supported setup process to make the move as seamless as possible

Check out our Supported Setup and Training page here for more information.