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Welcome to Microkeeper

These guides are designed to educate you on all areas of the system.

The Objective

The objective of the Microkeeper system is to accelerate the processing time and improve the accuracy of data in relation to roster, time and attendance, payroll and reporting.

All data is stored on the latest secure servers with redundancies and data backup procedures in place.


It's best to work through the guides with your real data, register your free account to get started.


Guide Format

All guides are consistent and follow a particular format.

Navigation through the menu options is shown using the > symbol.

For example:

  Menu > General > Locations
  Menu > Rosters > Timesheet

Payroll Menu Settings

i This blue dot is used to provide you with additional information throughout the Microkeeper system.

Mouse over the dot to display a message.

i A red dot provides important information.

Mouse over the dot to display a message.


An example will be formatted with an indent, italics and a grey strip at the start.


Screenshots follow a standard format.

There will be a step followed by an image.

Or in the case of multiple steps, they will be numbered, as this basic example illustrates.

Login process

(1) Enter Username

(2) Enter Password

Click login

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