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Guide - gen ts

Timesheet from roster

You can generate all your timesheet data from the roster, this eliminates the need for your employees to clock on and off.


Menu > Payroll > Time Sheet > Generate Timesheet

Selecting employees

The below form allows you to select which employees you would like to generate the time sheet for.

This gives you the ability to have some employees clocking their hours and others generating their time sheet data off the roster.

Select Employees

Image title

Click theUpdate button to save changes.

Generating time sheet

Generate time sheet from roster

Image title

Select the fiscal year and week that you want to generate the time sheet data for.

Only the weeks that you have saved to the roster calendar will be available.

Click the Generate time sheet button.

This will copy your roster data into time sheet data.

The How column on the time sheet will illustrate that these entries were created from the roster.