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Guide - leave payroll

Leave request payroll process

This guide will demonstrate how leave requests are integrated into the payroll process


Menu > Payroll > Salary > Payslip (Desired week)

Review at payslip

Example of review

Leave request can be in 6 different statuses

If there are any pending requests they can be accepted or declined at time of payroll

Note: We encourage a real time administration model which means dealing with request as they arrive via the leave request page

Processing leave request through payroll

Payroll process example

A list of excepted requests will appear on the payslips page, as illustrated above.

You can select which entries you want to add to the payslip

Sick leave

If an employee has had multiple sick days they will all be listed individually

However when payroll is process they will be grouped together

Annual leave

Annual leave can be selected over multiple days

When added leave loading will be applied if set

Auto balance

Auto balance will only affect employees on salary or auto overtime

For employees on salary their Basic hours will be reduced by the amount of leave being added


Alice is paid for 38 hours a week

She takes 1 sick day of 7.6 hours

When this is submitted the 38 hours will be reduced to 30.4 and 7.6 hours of sick leave will be added

For employees on auto overtime their Basic hours will be reduced by the amount of leave being added until these hours reach their basic hours limit, additional hours will become overtime


Alice clocks 35 hours for the week

Her basic hours setting is for 38 hours

She takes 1 sick day of 7.6 hours

When this is submitted 7.6 hours will be added as sick leave, 30.4 hours for Basic hours and 4.6 hours added as additional overtime

Note: Auto balance will have no effect on employees being paid off their clocked hours, regardless if they are full time, part time or casual

Example on payslip

In this example we see that Alice has requested 2 sick leave days and 2 annual leave days

These days have been approved

Alice is on a 38 hours salary

Alice is not entitle to any leave loading

Alice payslip originally looked like this

Alice's requests

After the submit button is clicked her payslip will look like this

The sick leave and annual leave was added and her salary was reduced resulting in a Basic hours of 38