Super Clearing House

This guide explains what a super clearing house is and how it can benefit your business.

What's a super clearing house?

A super clearing house is a service that accepts a single payment, for all the super funds your business would typically pay into.

How it works

The Microkeeper system generates a file that can be read by the super clearing house SuperChoice.

This file contains a list of all the employees, which fund the employee is with, what the employee's member number is and the value to be paid into that fund.

When the file is uploaded to SuperChoice and accepted, a single payment is made to SuperChoice.

Once SuperChoice receives this payment the value is divided into all the different super funds and a payment is made to each fund.

Getting starting with SuperChoice

Before the setup process can commence make sure the following details are complete:

Sign and return the SuperChoice PDS. Download SuperChoice PDS

Employee member number and fund

Menu > Settings > Employees > Edit (On each employee)

Fill the member number and select fund for each employee.

Fund employer numbers (FEN)

Menu > Settings > General > Super settings

Add a FEN for all super funds that have provided a number.

If a FEN is not required add the fund with a blank FEN.

If you would like to use the super clearing house SuperChoice. Contact Microkeeper and we will commence the setup process.

Review the Pricing page to view the fees associated with the setup process.