Adding employees/members to SuperChoice

This guide will explain how to add employees/members to SuperChoice.

Adding members

All the required employee data can be exported from Microkeeper to a .csv file that can be uploaded to SuperChoice.

Downloading members from Microkeeper

Menu > Settings > General > Super Settings > Export Super Choice

The issue detector at the top of the page will check if any details are missing,

The issue detector starts by selecting all employees that require a super contribution for the selected period.

If anyone is found it then checks to make sure the super details for those employee are correct.

Super settings validation

Once all missing details are correct the file can be download, ready for upload to SuperChoice.

The file contains all of the data required by SuperChoice for each employee.

The file can be viewed in Excel, where all mandatory fields can be checked.

If there are missing details make sure to update these details in Microkeeper and download the file again.

The employees are listed in order from most recently added at the top.

Uploading members to SuperChoice

Menu > Members > New members

It's possible to add members manually, however we recommend using the bulk Upload member option to ensure Microkeeper data matches SuperChoice data.

Click: Upload members

New member file upload

Add new member employee to SuperChoice

(1)File to uploadSelect the file that was downloaded from Microkeeper
(2)Records for Existing MembersSelect <are ignored> as they are already present
(3)Records for Exited MembersSelect <are ignored> as they should be kept
(4)For 'Test' OnlySelect <Display warnings>
(5)Test or UploadClick Upload to upload the members

Click: Yes to confirm

Click: Bulk Completion

Click: Yes to confirm

NOTE: If any new employees have been hired this process must be repeated before super is processed