Adding a super fund to SuperChoice

This guide will explain how to add super funds to SuperChoice and link them to Microkeeper.

Adding super funds

SuperChoice Menu > Choice of Fund > Link to Super funds

Super fund search

Search for super fund via spin usi in SuperChoice

Search via SPIN or ABN, which can be obtained from Microkeeper.

(1)SPIN: Example ANZ0325AU

(2)Click: Search

Link employer number to fund

Add fund employer number in SuperChoice

(3)Fund employer number: If the super fund has supplied a number enter it here

(4)Click: Link

Repeat Steps 1-4 for all super funds that your employees are members of.

Adding a self managed super fund to SuperChoice

SuperChoice Menu > Choice of Fund > Link to Super funds

Search via ABN

Typically no employer number required.

Enter: Email, BSB and Account number as required

Click: Confirm

Payroll fund code mapping for SMSF

SuperChoice Menu > Choice of Fund > Payroll Fund Codes

Payroll fund codes must be add for SMSF

Add payroll fund codes in SuperChoice

Microkeeper identifies each SMSF fund by it's ABN.

(1)Fund Code: Enter the ABN of super fund, example 123 321 456

(2)SuperChoice Fund: Select the corresponding fund, example John Smith Family Super

(3)Click: Add

Repeat these 3 steps for all listed SMSF.

Click: Fund code list, to verify the completed list.

NOTE: If any new employees are hired and they are members of a super fund not yet listed, this process must be repeated for those super funds before super can be processed