Making a super payment

This guide will explain how to make a super payment with SuperChoice.

Preparation before payment

Employee super details must be complete before making payment.

If any new employees have been hired since last payment, they will need to be added before super can be processed.

If any of the new employees are a member of a new super fund, these funds will need to be added to both SuperChoice and Microkeeper.

Review the previous guides under SuperChoice.

If a new super fund needs to be added, it's recommended to contact that fund as a Fund employer number might be required.

NOTE: If an employee is yet to supply a fund and member number you can make a manual super payment at a later date.

If the employee isn't a member of a fund you can create an account for them with your default fund.

Downloading payment file from Microkeeper

Microkeeper Menu > Study > Reports

Reports super monthly quarterly

Select either the month or quarter you would like to pay.

Super via fund report

Select the Super via fund report and select the SuperChoice file format.

Example of SuperChoice file from Microkeeper

Export from Microkeeper ready for upload to SuperChoice

The image above is an example of a file with 2 employees.

The employee Joel Smith will get paid $ 1052.33 for his Super Guarantee Contribution and $ 400 as a Salary Sacrifice, as a member of REST with the member number 111222

Alice Tomson has been newly hired and her member number is TBA

This file with missing data for example TBA will produce errors in SuperChoice.

In this scenario we can remove Alice from the list and make a manual payment for her at a later date, make sure to delete the entire row.

Excel: Right-click > Delete > Entire row

When saving the file, make sure it's in a .CSV format, there will be some warnings while doing this.

Uploading payment file into SuperChoice

Upon login the Contribution status screen will be present

Confirm upload into SuperChoice

(1)Click: Begin next to monthly/quarterly contribution

Import batch file into SuperChoice

(4)Check: Make sure the period is correct, if not contact Microkeeper

(5)Select: The SuperChoice file previously downloaded

(6)Click: Submit

You will be sent back to the Contribution Status page

The file will be validated over a period of time.

(3)Click: Refresh to check if validation is completed

The status (2) will indicate your next action.

Action for status

Input ErrorClick Input error > View errors, a list of errors will be displayed, try and correct the errors and upload the file again
Do not click the Begin button again as this is now set for the next period
Ready for SubmissionYour Super is ready to be paid! Click Ready for Submission Enter your Password, confirm the Amount to be paid and enter this amount, then click Transmit Batch
ConfirmedThe process is complete, click Confirmed to see a report

Once the Transmit Batch button is pressed SuperChoice will draw the funds out of the account provided and pay each individual super fund.

This can take up to 4 business days.