Security and backup information

This page is not a guide but provides information about backup procedures Microkeepers follows and security features that are in place.

Data in transit

Data is encrypted during transmission using a 256 bit SSL connection, you can verify this by the padlock in your web browser. All data whether it's data from the website, fingerprint scanner, NFC, Microkeeper app, API, etc all use the same method for transit.

Data at rest

Critical values are encrypted when stored, example TFN, passwords, etc. Not all values are encrypted this is to keep indexing possible for fast data retrieval, when database searched are performed.

Storing fingerprint data

An image of the fingerprint is not stored, fingerprints are converted to a string on the local PC, the string is then sent to Microkeeper servers to be cross referenced against a string in the Microkeeper database.

Below is my fingerprint and how it looks as a binary (Hex) string:

123C2A062123C2A062E123C2A062E296B29123C123C229B2 A062E296B2123C2A062E296B299123C2A062E296B2929062 A062E296B292123C2A062E296B2996B29123C2A062E2E296 123C2A062E296B2996B29E2123C123C2A062E296B292B299 A123C2A062E296B29123C2A062E296123C2A062E296B6B29.

This string can not be converted back into a fingerprint.

No fingerprint or NFC data is stored on the local machine.

Web hosting

Our primary hosting is in Sydney, with backup server off site throughout Australia.

Backup procedure

Our backup procedure follows this scheduled:

RAID hard drive configuration for real time sync.

Daily backup to offsite server farm every day for 7 days.

Weekly backup to Microkeeper head office servers, kept for 3 years.

Annual backup to Microkeeper head office servers, kept indefinitely.

Note: Retrieval of data from a backup is possible, but this is a charged service at an hourly rate,

Dooms day recovery

In a worst case scenario, example meteor hits server room.

Microkeeper servers could be up and running at a new location with-in 48 hours from a backup taken in the past 24 hours.

Microkeeper have a disaster recovery plan that can be executed when required, this is for internal use only.