Time and Attendance Options

There are many different ways for an employee to clock their worked hours. This guide takes you through each option and illustrates the benefits.

Clocking Options

No.Clock optionSecuritySpeed
2PC restricted console 
3GPS Console
4GPS location restriction
5Landline Clocking
6Fingerprint scanner 


Employee Console

The most basic method is to allow employees to clock on from any computer or smartphone they like.

Set to any internet device in employee profile. 



Clock facility found on employee console

Clock On

PC restricted console

This option allows you to restrict which Network you want to allow your employees to clock on/off from.

To activate a Network 

Menu > Settings > General >  Security

Note: You must be on the PC you want to activate

Click the Add IP Address button to activate the network you are on.

The IP address of the network you are currently on is pre-entered.

Restrict PC via IP Address



Clock facility on employee console - PC ActiveClock facility on employee console - PC Inactive


Clock on button not permitted from this PC

GPS Console

This option will mark a GPS location when an employee clocks on/off, which gives your employees the flexibility to clock on/off from wherever they like.



Once an accurate GPS location is found the employee can clock on


GPS Location restriction

You can set locations of work, an employee will only be allowed to clock on within the radius that you set in your Global settings (Default is 50m and can be adjusted). 




Landline Clocking

Employee's can call in on a landline to clock on/off with identity verification. 



An employee will call a special line provided by Microkeeper from either an employer-designated phone line (recommended), or any number.  

They will then be prompted to give their Employee ID from the Employee Profile, and the Day and Month of birth to verify their Identity.

The employer designated phone line can also be able to be associated with a Job for Job tracking purposes.

Note: Additional charges incurred, please contact Microkeeper to discuss 

Fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanners are the fastest and most secure way for your employees to clock on/off.

The fingerprint scan solution is our own in-house software that communicates with Microkeeper's cloud based servers.


  • An employee can only clock on/off from computers with a fingerprint scanner
  • Employees username and password can't be stolen
  • Quick and accurate method
  • Very secure



Screenshot of the fingerprint scan clock on/off page


NFC Reader and Tags

NFC Scanners are a very fast solution for your employees to clock time and attendance data.

When clocking hours, employees are each issued a keyring that contains an NFC tag.

Upon holding the tag close to the NFC reader, the employee is instantly recognized and authenticated.

NFC Tags

NFC Readers



  • An employee can only clock on/off from the NFC Reader
  • Employees username and password can't be stolen
  • Quick method


How do I select these options?

Each employee can clock on/off with a different method of your choice.

These options can be selected in the employee security settings.

Menu > Settings > Employee - Edit for the employee you want to configure

The Access Control lets you select which clock on/off method will be used.

This function also allows you to set specific areas of the site and control the amount of information each employee has access to.

Mouse over the info dots for more information on each setting.

The below is an example of how you would use these settings for a typical employee who can only clock on either with the fingerprint scanner or NFC.


Access Control Employee Access Manager

This is great for Supervisors or Managers who have the responsibility of making adjustments to the timesheet.

The below is an example of how you would use these settings for a Manager who can clock on from any device, is required to set rosters,

approve leave requests and access timesheets, but does not need to see costs or add employees.

If the Manager was set to add an employee, this would only allow access to create the employee's username, they would not have access to private information in the employee console.

The below is an example of how you would use these settings for an Admin employee who is required to access the jobs, invoicing and reports.

They can view the payslips download the .ABA file and lock the week, they will not be able to edit the payslips. 

 Missed Clock On

Menu > Control Panel

Sometimes employees will forget to Clock On or Off for their shift.

So in these circumstances, there is a way managers can clock them On or Off instead. 

In the Control Panel, on the right side of the page is a Clock Status section detailing Employee's Clocking.

Clock Status

To clock an employee on, click Clock On. tick the employees you wish to Clock on, and click Clock. 

Clocking an Employee on

Then enter the time at which the employee began their shift, and click Submit. 

Clock Employee on

Cleaning & Maintenance

It is important to maintain your equipment to ensure it continues to run perfectly. 

Please ensure to clean your fingerprint scanners regularly. 

We recommend a microfibre cloth and the use of dedicated 'computer screen' wipes. 

Alternatively, windex can be used - but please ensure to spray the cleaning solution onto your cloth, do not spray cleaning solutions directly onto the fingerprint scanner or other hardware. 

Spray the cloth then wipe your hardware.