Guide Heading

Always start with a H1 heading.


Use a H2 for all subheadings and bold for third layer subheading.

This guide will help Microkeeper staff stick to a consistent format when creating guides.\

Guide Goals

Highlight text by adding this to the end of the URL:


Example https://microkeeper.com.au/online-hr-tools.php#:~:text=leave%20management

Chrome 90 Version Browsers

Highlight the text you want to create a link to, then right-click and choose Copy Link to Highlight from the dropdown menu.


Images require the most amount of attention, be diligent when uploading images.


PNGShould be used for simple graphics where high contrast is present, eg. screenshots.
JPGShould be used for photography.
GIFShould be used for motion, rarely required for guides.


Make the image as narrow as possible, 300px is the goal width, 600px is still good, anything bigger will become unreadable on mobile.

Tricks that can be used to achieve this:

Make sure browser zoom is set to 100%, this makes screenshots consistent across guides.

Image name

The file name should be SEO friendly, for example, "microkeeper-login-page.png"

Only use lower case and dashed, nothing else.


After an image is uploaded:

Assign the ALT attribute, this should be SEO friendly, describe the image, eg. How to edit the Alternative Text field on a image:

How to edit the Alternative Text field on a image

Make image left aligned.

Removed the width, this forces the browser to use the actual image width, up to screen width of 100% for mobile, which is coded into the CSS.

Deleting an Image

To delete the image click the trash can, the image is permanently removed from the servers.

Undo, will not restore the image, the image must be uploaded again.

Cut and Paste will not work, the image will be deleted on the cut event, instead drag the image to move it.

To help, there is a message displayed when an image has been deleted:

Image deleted server response


Double Checking

The browser/cloudflare will cache the image, so even though it has been deleted it will still load, the only way to check this is to load the guide from incognito on another server.

Add syd. bri. or mel. in front of microkeeper in the URL.

Ideally this should be done just once, at the end of the editing session, or else cloudflare will cache the image from the alternative sub-domain too.


Use clever HTML to break up huge slabs of text.


Or maybe

WhenDeemed Appropriate

(not like this ^)

Or maybe steps:

  1. If a particular
  2. Order should
  3. Be followed

See this guide on Words for more detail

Intended Audience

It's best not to assume the audience, a manage/admin/accountant could be reading this on behalf of someone else.

But a good figure of reference is to look at who would have access to the module. If in doubt, look towards the Access Control of the system and see who has access to these specific modules.


Table Style -> Table Border Light, displays the border lines which drastically increases readability.


If you Cut and Paste it will not work, the image will be deleted on the cut event, you can just drag it to move it.


Cut and Paste will not work, the image will be deleted on the cut event, instead drag the image to move it. 


After it's uploaded you must:


After an image is uploaded:

These are just guidelines, there are definitely exception to the rules.

This is not part of the Guide for Creating Guides       

joel should give me a testing page, when will he ever see this msg? 


You have stumbled upon Dylan's testing area. Nothing from here and below is part of the process of creating guides. All you will find here is broken HTML.


For record keeping reasons, an employee can not be deleted, instead terminate the employee in the Employee Profile.

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Employees > on the Employees page, click the Edit button for the employee you wish to delete to enter the Employee's profile > on the Employee Profile scroll down to the Active Status window and tick the Employee Terminated checkbox.


> < 


Terminated employees can be set back to an Active status to be Quickly rehired.

24.2 - 10.00 pm to midnight & midnight to 6.00 am Penalty Rates

24.2 Penalty Rates - 10.00 pm to midnight & midnight to 6.00 am penalty rates

Mobile guide title

intro maybe link to install page, maybe this combos. who knows

Logging in for the first time

After receiving your login details from your employer, download the Microkeeper App.

When first opening the app, you will be prompted to enter your username and password