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Why isnt leave appearing on the Payslip?

Author Dylan Wong@Microkeeper
Category Payroll
Last Modified 24/06/2024

Firstly, make sure that the Roster, Timesheet and Leave Requests configurations applicable to the Payslip are correct.  

  1. Click the Simulate Button on the Payslip. 
    This will cause the simulate area, which displays the Roster, Timesheet and Leave Requests
    applicable for this payslip, to appear.

  2. Check Roster
    Check that all the days and hours in the Roster column are the days the Employee was supposed to have a:
    a) Worked shift or
    b) Paid Leave or
    c) Unworked Public Holiday payment.

    If this is not correct the Applicable Roster will need to be updated.
    This will either be the Calendar or Static Roster.
    The Roster type being used will be listed at the top of the Roster Column in the Simulate area.

  3. Check Timesheet
    Check the Timesheet column and make sure that there is not a Clocked Shift listed for the day the Employee
    is on Leave. If there is, you will need to go to the Timesheet page and delete it.

  4. Check Leave Requests
    Make sure that the Leave Request is listed, if not you will need to go and approve it in the Leave Review page.
    Next make sure that the date and time of the leave request is correct.
    To check the times of the leave request move the mouse over the grey i, and it will show the times
    of the request.
    If either of these is incorrect it can be updated by clicking View, and then updating on the Leave Review page. 

Once the incorrect configuration has been identified and resolved, the Pay Run button on the Employee Payslip can be clicked and it will update the Payslip accordingly.